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active puzzles

Marv Riddle 2 27

Perplex 11

swell 48

Ninth Riddle 15.2


Marv Riddle 44 +EVIL

Dracula's Riddle 2 last battle

The Penumbra 17

Revenge temp end? (25/supposed 30, but it's been a decade)

The Riddle at Black Unicorn 26

ae27ff 21

Curtis Golden private investigator 46

Phobos 29

Interloper Riddle 4

Inward Hellix temp end (not exactly solved...) +BTHL, -, 5007, T

The Seven Tongues of God 48

A lot more COMPLETE + bonus + :: Ok One More -> 38

3564020356 03

Alternate Visions temp end post 49

kelly clarkson riddle 11

Felicia's Riddle 5

Equillium 16

P4X 48

Cend 23 / 26 / 28 (wtf) | -19?

The Crux 22 (i will become rabid)

Feeling ReMorse 15

RiddleDiddle 9

Penguin's Riddle 17b

Wayfarers Riddle 9

Tool Torture Threesome :) :) X

The Ivy Garden i'm actively making it ;)

Summer-2011 Riddle 17 (fuck 14. seriously. you have to go back in wikipedia to find

E.B.O.N.Y. (1te A79 C85)

Just Garbage (The Worst Riddle) i made this evil

Rovena One 8

PurpleLogic's Glitchy Riddle 6

maladjusted 7 (i hate google levels with a burning passion 😊)

Dracula's Riddle 3 15 / XIV

Small Tool Strife broke between 8 and 9 :(

Small Tool Riddle 3

puzzl tempend

Tercer Ojo - El Juego 82

Kill Your Darlings 4 | 2 | 7 | 3 | 3

The Test of Failure 14

Swiss Quiz 22

MetaRiddle 4

Luthorien's first riddle B

A Riddle from a Cat te

Shriddle 31

D. Quijote's first riddle 5

Prompt Riddle 41

Regret Game 1 29

Regret Game 2 31

weffriddles 50ish

XYZPuzzle 100 + (π, Hallo, Mas)

Eternal Quest 15


Epic Enigma Event 2022 42

completed puzzles

Kasi Riddle i f'kin give up


Zest back in kansas... (+ a lot of bonuses)

Mindy nice little one

DemonRiddles :| (re-did in 14 minutes)

Notpron Who said the first was the best?

Dracula's Riddle The land is saved for now...


hackerpuzzle just play a to craZy

Nfshost :) i like number


Zahada all levels

Source Hypothesis coolish game my guy, 6/8.

Horrors Of Liander Castle temp end :)

The String Harmony + f0, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, f7, d, f8

From A to craZy ;)

Shaun's Riddle :)

Cross's Curiosities :D

Original Riddle temp end but idc


RNS Riddle R24 +(A, B, C, E, -B, ה, ב, δ)

The Croc Riddle + A B

Truly Kryptic soelv...

Notprom yeet

SadisT at least this vid works :)

Ankh Riddle #0 hof :) + all bonuses

Nothing But Morse

50 Shades of Small only got to 47 but figured out the meta so i count that as a win

negapron :D

Thorne Riddle a

Crash Course Conundrum 14 minutes babey

CodeBreaker Game 29 minutes

Genius Riddle + spring bonus

1st PREQUEL TO SMALL STRIFE hehe the vids broken

Riddle Me Tool :D + all bonuses... ?

Skeeter Bytes temp end but idc

Not the Future

Neutral Riddle :)

4th PREQUEL TO SMALL STRIFE vid broken again :)))

Nao's sticky riddles

Riddle in Blue :) + all bonuses

Python Challenge B')

Wingheart Riddle :)

JnsRiddle w/ catz & lenz

the trial the most glorious hell (100%)

Super Easy Riddle 3 minit ez

Princess Nat's Secret Riddle congrats :D

The Blue Door Puzzle Trail heehehehehehe

sovle XXX

WrongHole teamwork baby

ZED + letters, negative, Kt, Bl, Tm

blisspuzzle roogogoogogog

Ikode Riddle the land is put to rest... thank god + 8=D {()}

Fifteen great thanks to LinR :)

Énigmapédia +msnxcod/ltrv (hof2)


Polychromasia TE + ✥

Cipher: Crack the Code 70+ / Ignis Zephyr Terra / Void II?

hakari :)

corundrum Ω

Do Not Believe Her Lies wk-iHpCIpPk