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enigma (n.) 1530s, "statement which conceals a hidden meaning or known thing under obscure words or forms,", from Latin aenigma "a dark saying, riddle".



Our Projects

weeklies 2024-06-22

Season 6S has begun!

enigmatics 2024-04-16

The issues with gmail should be fixed now. Turns out emails from 'localhost' look suspicious.

weeklies 2024-01-07

Winter is here, and the rest of Season 5 is now live!

weeklies 2023-06-25

Season 5S has begun!

only connect 2023-06-24

Enigmatic's Only Connect Summer 2023 hosted by GhostsTheElder, a member of last year's winning team, has come and gone! This event's winning team is "RUN", composed of Rafa, umsyt, and Ninthlyfe. Congrats!

enigmatics 2023-04-22

Major site update! 💜 Featuring new css and layouts, new profiles options, an upgraded puzzles list, and more!