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E.B.O.N.Y. is the weirdest riddle game on the internet. A story driven puzzle featuring multiple branching paths on certain levels (called forks), and with over a dozen characters having in-depth dialogue screens, this is a riddle game unlike any other.

Active Puzzlers

kad redoing, I35 K45 Y50 Z39
charlh_bld All known levels to 85
umsyt (1te A79 C85)
_alpha_ All levels (85)
Shiro cool
John 9
LocalDandrew Level 7
_ 0TE T76 V75 U70 O57 M48
Zephran jesus christ i cant keep track
LollipopWut All Levels + Secret Hunting
zacariasxat 1 Temporary end (C85)
DissolvedHelium 3TE, AA82, So72, R65