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A riddle for the Roblox game called "Find The Chomiks".

Note: A few out of the 30 levels are unsolvable without prior knowledge of the game.

tags: roblox

Active Puzzlers


snapp. :]
Hary team solving
Joon credit me :(
dug_s :D
raychiu 30C 😦🥱
sing 100%
zinkostan 100%
minus clear (i hate chomik but i really needed something to do so..)
DissolvedHelium solved, 32
Krizis KILL
LocalDandrew Solved
iforgor chomik
Zephran i will kill you, and then kill you again.
NoDeadCorpseOnHere Didnt expect FTC mini notpron would be in here :/
gogy just too easy
Drifter1240 cancer
Tin 100% +N15 +-1, still missing 32...