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all that's left in me is agitation and sickening dread and regret. i don't deserve warmth, because i'm frozen to the core.

maybe i didn't deserve this life at all. its nothing but pain.

...but i think i'm just losing myself.

12 completed puzzles

Alepheon haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :3
Cipher: Crack the Code Temp End 70, Ignis Zephyr Terra Solved, Void I
Combinats i win im winnar i am the funny winn woohoo yeah
corundrum _ | thanks for making me the man I am now. <3
Not the Future solved wooo
nothcom i will kill you, and then kill you again.
Notpron gg
Polychromasia if ur reading this go listen to gasoline by i prevail
Sankpuzzle đź«‚
The String Harmony completed, F0/1/2/3/4/5/7 complete
ZED adieu.
Énigmapédia die.

8 active puzzles

E.B.O.N.Y. jesus christ i cant keep track
negapron -epsilon
Notprom omicron
puzzl cool
Quadkadical 42
RNS Riddle R1 + a whole buncha secrets
Zest idk anymore