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i make terrible riddles and i am terrible at riddles lol

3 created puzzles

Euclidea [90 levels] my second riddle, an attempt to be "modern" 4 ❤
Polychromasia [121 levels] my "magnum opus" riddle that is pretty awful lol 34 ❤
Untitled Riddle Game [60 levels] my first riddle, now discontinued 0 ❤

4 completed puzzles

nothcom solved, 32
Notpron solved
ZED 100%
Énigmapédia COMPLETE!! (i do not plan on doing any metapuzzles)

10 active puzzles

blisspuzzle 21
Cipher: Crack the Code 58
E.B.O.N.Y. 3TE, AA82, T73, So72, R65
hyperbolica 26/TE
Rainpron A
RNS Riddle F15, -A, -B, aleph, bet
The String Harmony 43
trijomor 7
Zest No.27, NO.0, NO.o