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just your typical silly willy human being who has no purpose in life but solving puzzles :3


quantum museum (1st priority)

rns (2nd priority)

cipher (3rd priority)

anyways hi my name is zstormere/serapher im a 15 yr old asian boi and das it lol

also im working on a new riddle game called alepheon and uh yeah it gon be pretty aewsome!1! :D

3 created puzzles

Alepheon 26/26 16 ❤
Celestial discontinued 2 ❤
Fragmentated discontinued 3 ❤

11 completed puzzles

ae27ff solved (6/7 achievements)
BaseplatePuzzle solved (temp-end)
Combinats solved (cool sauce)
corundrum solved (temp_end)
Notpron solved (no nu)
Sankpuzzle solved (hello sank)
The String Harmony solved (forbid soon)
Wingheart Riddle solved (no comment)
ZED solved (truly the riddle of all time)
Zest solved (youngest solver + currently bonus hunting)
Énigmapédia solved (+M, +S, +D/L, +A, +H, +V, +C)

9 active puzzles

173 8
Alepheon 26/26
Cipher: Crack the Code 67 + Ignis
diamond dilemma whammo
Do Not Believe Her Lies post sins
Polychromasia hi
RNS Riddle R23 + A, B, C, D, -A, -B, -21, ה ,א, β, γ, δ
trijomor 7