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AFTER A MENTAL BREAKDOWN 334900 ATTEMPTS 1.5 YEARS THE HARDEST CHALLENGE I fell into shock for 30 minutes straight after beating it Attempt 33 G O LDM VSC engines basal engines will kill humanity lurox Freezee TGMo5 mikesully hoden classic quantum Zephi krotexx selling wr48as somebody LightG30 Teno (8-12) benedikt metal Tricks woomy Meta flo453 pudding WERT Brittank lappenGD luciddd leify Luxor skiller04 domi jumper EVW dreamer cytox s9bsui kerze Dorami Deucalion skyjax Gooseam mega d3mon 404 Azaftw Paul333 Biep Joel destix combi saund Lonjey Rainbowne SENF Pixels Luster Petig maxmur jackmeup rasierer sh4dow Mayuko Darkra circles Fayth Donschnulione Yoshiaitch Eridani MositeGD Dwyer woomy GD SHift ha Samuel Venom El3ctro honorr Apoblau Phil98 Luro X Mauste fuehrer wimp philosphy Kinggay Ayrone Lumpi neironX Aktimoose baum GDKillerrr special thx: -el3ctro -ThomasdieEisenbahn -Lappen (playtester) -Kira (playtester) -luroxer (thx for 903) -Byselling You just beat the VSC! GG LEVEL COMPLETE! LEVEL COMPLETE! Attempts: 33 Jumps: 1 Time: 02:09 Level and Coins Verified!

10 completed puzzles

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Do Not Believe Her Lies 4 4 X 5 5 5 5
lzzup 167 o.o
the trial 8a / 8b