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15 completed puzzles

A Riddle from a Cat 16 TE
Ankh Riddle solved + 3/8
Cipher: Crack the Code 100%
Combinats Why 49? That's such a bad number
corundrum _ Temp end
Polychromasia 100% for now
puzzl 100% for now
RNS Riddle 100%
Sankpuzzle 17 TE
Super Easy Riddle Super Easy Riddle
The String Harmony 100%
the trial Solved + s3 Solved + other secrets found
ZED 100%
√Čnigmap√©dia + MNSXCODVHA

3 active puzzles

ae27ff 37
Do Not Believe Her Lies Hary's a fucking liar (dnbhl)
XYZPuzzle 100 but for what