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Weeklies Season 3 Second Place

5 completed puzzles

corundrum good sh_t (TE)
Do Not Believe Her Lies No cost too great. No mind to think. No will to break.
Notpron first one I solved uwu
The String Harmony :)
√Čnigmap√©dia goated puzzle 10/10

15 active puzzles

173 24 with rafa
ae27ff YouWatanabe
Alepheon 35/50
Cipher: Crack the Code grrrrrrrrr
E.B.O.N.Y. cool
Epic Enigma Event 2022 man this riddle ain't shi- 42
Ninth Riddle rip :(
Not the Future solve coming eventually
Notprom i know this exists
RiddleDiddle uwu
sovle hololive 6th gen + 1
the trial the puzzle of all time
XYZPuzzle everythin but 100 and greek and mas
ZED i loved the part where i said it's zedding time