active puzzles

Do Not Believe Her Lies post sin

completed puzzles

Alternate Visions (tester) Temp end after 49

Ankh Riddle #3 in HoF, no secrets solved

Cipher: Crack the Code #19 in HoF, all secrets solved

Combinats (tester) #1 in HoF

Énigmapédia #1 in HoF, all secrets and metas solved

Genius Riddle #2 in HoF, all bonuses solved

Notpron #97 Nu solver

RNS Riddle Temp end after Right 23, all secrets solved

Nothing But Morse

The String Harmony I am the creator

Truly Kryptic

sovle Temp end after XXVIII

puzzl all paths and secrets solved

XYZPuzzle #1 in HoF, no extras solved

ZED #2 in Main, #1 in Alphabet, #4 in Negative, all secrets solved