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Weeklies Season 2 First Place
Halloween 2020
Yuletide 2020
Weeklies Season 3 First Place

3 created puzzles

Ankh Riddle 7 ❤
Genius Riddle i am the creator :) 3 ❤
MA Riddle 2 ❤

42 completed puzzles

Alba Riddle 2nd place in hof
Alice 3 no hof
AxeCracker 1st place in hof
Combinats 2nd place in hof
Creo's Riddle 9th place in hof
Cross's Curiosities no hof
Cry Me A River 13th place in hof
Dot Riddle 8th place in hof
Dracula's Riddle 2
Dracula's Riddle 3 41st in hof
Dudes Challenges 1st place in hof
Feeling ReMorse 0th place in hof (tester)
Fifteen 6th place in hof
Genius Riddle i am the creator :)
Ikode Riddle no hof :(
JAOR 229th place in hof
Love For Riddles 1st place in hof
Luthorien's first riddle 7th place in hof
Neutral Riddle hof closed :(
Perplex 8th place in hof
RNS Riddle Finished
SYNCHRONICITY 4th place in hof
That's Entertainment 0th place in hof (tester)
The Advent Tour 4th place in hof
The Croc Riddle 1st place in hof
The Sherlock Holmes Riddles | Volume 1 no hof :(
The Silver Screen no hof :(
The Slightly Tricky Riddle no hof :(
The String Harmony 0th place in hof (tester)
trijomor 100 TE
Truly Kryptic 1st place in hof
Who's Got Game 0th place in hof (tester)
Wingheart Riddle
XYZPuzzle temp end
Zahada 2nd place in hof
ZED 0th place in hof (tester)
Zest hof closed :(
Zodiac Riddle 4th place in hof
Énigmapédia 3rd place in hof

11 active puzzles

173 tem end at 52 ( tester for 53-60)
Cipher: Crack the Code temp end at 71
CONTINUUM temp end at 21
Decadent Mind
Felicia's Riddle temp end at 36
Inward Hellix temp end at 76
swell temp end at 100
The Insanity Riddle temp end at 36
The Penumbra temp end at 24
The Seven Tongues of God temp end at chapter 2
wyfio 91/92