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zest (1st proiority omw to become youngest zest solver)

rns (2nd priority)

cipher (3rd priority)

zed (4th priority)

anyways hi my name is zstorm and i have been doing args since 1876 and never stopped since then

also im working on a new riddle game called alepheon and uh yeah it gon be pretty aewsome!1! :D

2 created puzzles

Celestial 100% (play this instead of fragmentated yes) 2 ❤
Fragmentated 100% (creator lol) 3 ❤

8 completed puzzles

ae27ff solved (6/7 achievements)
BaseplatePuzzle solved (temp-end)
Combinats solved (cool sauce)
Notpron solved (no nu)
Sankpuzzle solved (hello sank)
The String Harmony solved (F0)
Wingheart Riddle solved (no comment)
Énigmapédia solved (2/3 secrets)

6 active puzzles

Cipher: Crack the Code 67 + Ignis
Do Not Believe Her Lies 3 3 X 4 5 4 5
Polychromasia hi
RNS Riddle R15 + A, B, C, D, -A, -B, -21, ה ,א, β, γ,
ZED 🏅 + 🅰 + (-29)
Zest 89 + 0