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Memoirs of Death

I am Death. No need for an introduction as we already met but let me elaborate on this quickly

Every human being dies at least three times in their life.

Their first time is when they are born when the secure life inside their mother’s belly is over. Humans are not aware of that first death. It only really becomes apparent when the final death comes. But there is also a second death (or many second deaths in the middle) when love for someone is lost. It is not a physical death. But in the process part of your soul falls away and nothing will be the same after that. When love causes undesired pain, the type of pain even stronger and more intense than any sickness, I may come with relief. If the one you deeply love is not feeling the same towards you, I may take that pain away... You just need to ask me, and I will swing my scythe.

To be honest, I removed a lot of pain, misery, and depression.

I have a feeling that I am helping you...

I hope I am helping you... for all of you to somehow survive, until new love is found...

Welcome to @Memoirs Of Death. Solve my puzzles - read my memoirs and enjoy!